The Supplier (swillyjilly) wrote in stencil_it_up,
The Supplier

Course on Stencils and Graffiti

HI! I’m hoping you guys will help me……
I’m taking a course in instructional design. For a class project, I am putting together a course on graffiti and stenciling.
If you could take a few minutes and fill out my questionnaire, it will help me develop a fun and interesting course that reflects the interests of REAL people!
Please complete this survey by answering the questions in a comment or by emailing your answers to
Thanks for your time!



Marital/Relationship Status-

Living Arrangements (ie, w/parents, w/roommates, own apartment/house, college dorm etc)-

Educational Experience/Highest Grade Completed (ie, High School grad, college grad, current student, GED etc)-

When learning new information, how would you prefer to learn?
-online/web based course
-cd rom based course
-traditional classroom setting
-other (please specify)

Do you have basic computer experience/knowledge?

Do you have experience with photo editing/graphics software?
If so, What software have you used?

Do you have previous experience with graffiti or stencils?
If so-
What kind of experience?
How did you learn?
Do you still work with graffiti or stencils?

If you chose to take a course on graffiti/stenciling, what would you want to learn?
What would you hope to be able to accomplish at the end of this course?
What specific projects would you want to complete after learning the material presented in this course?

Would a course on graffiti/stenciling be useful or interesting?

If you chose to take a course on graffiti/stenciling, Is there anything that would prevent you from learning the material?

Any other suggestions on how to make this course interesting and informative?

Thank you for your time
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