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I did this stencil on an old board I found at a park. The blue paint was already on the board when I found it. I was wondering if anyone would share with me what kind of materials they use for thier stencils? Plastic? Cardboard? What kind of adhesive? Any paint recommendations? And do you have to do each stencil in many coats?

I've been using this kind of flimsy clear plastic that came in a huge roll that I got from an art store with Elmer's spray adhesive and cheap spray paint from Wal Mart. I'm having a problem with getting the stencils on my materials cleanly and I don't know if there's something better I can make my stencils with, a better adhesive to use or if I just need to be more patient and do a lot of layers. Enough of my rambling. Any help would be rad.

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